Happy 32nd birthday Paul Wesley! (July 23rd)

Happy 32nd Birthday Paul Wesley! | July 23, 1982

Happy 32nd. birthday Paul! (July 23rd.1982)

TVD Cast trends #sexywesley for Paul’s 32nd Birthday

The MLB All-Star Game in Review.

The MLB All-Star Game in Review.

Derek Jeter at the 85th MLB All Star Game - 7.15.14

Farewell, Captain.

Farewell, Captain.

Kimi, the first question has to be how are you feeling after your accident at Silverstone, any after-effects and what happened?

Ines:Congratulations Bastian

Basti:Yeah We did it

Basti:Hey Lukas you remember her?

Poldi:Yes From 2006 

Ines:Finally you won the world cup

Lukas:Yeah finally we have it, Thank you Brazil

Basti:Thank You Mexico

Basti&Poldi:Thank You Mexico

Basti:To Cabo San lucas i was in there for holidays

Poldi:Thank you very much Mexico, Brazil we love you


Bastian has good memory. He still remember the mexican journalist.
.B-First, you know that we know us from 2006, right?
I-Yes absolutely, i remember,
B-Yeah I remember too.
I-Which team do you prefer to face in the final?
B-Mexico is not there right? So..
I-Unfortunately no *Laughs*